203 Student-Athletes Garner Duke Degrees

DURHAM, N.C. – Duke University held its annual university-wide commencement ceremony Sunday at Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium to celebrate its three graduating classes of the academic year: September 2020, December 2020 and May 2021 as 203 student-athletes received degrees.

Roughly 1,859 undergrads will be feted at the outdoor ceremony, a step toward normalcy after a one-year pause in 2020 due to COVID-19. Duke did not hold an in-person ceremony for last year’s Class of 2020 due to COVID-19 and university officials still plan to celebrate those graduates in person at a later date. Duke’s graduates receiving masters degrees will be honored in the coming weeks.

Multiplatinum-selling singer-songwriter, actor, producer and philanthropist John Legend delivered the undergraduate commencement address as he was also awarded an honorary degree during the ceremony. The first African-American man to achieve “EGOT” distinction, having earned Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards, Legend is also an active philanthropist and supporter of criminal justice reform.

President Vincent Price also presented honorary degrees to civil rights leader and activist Barbara Arnwine; Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Professor Jacquelyn Campbell; Harvard University Professor of History and of African and African American Studies Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham; and former Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency William K. Reilly.

“Graduating from Duke means the world to me.  Because of its prestigious academic and golf program, Duke has always been my dream school. My four years at Duke has taught me independence, self-discipline, and patience. I also got to explore various academic areas (from statistics, economics, computer science, Japanese, and theater) from the experts. The environment in the classroom was always welcoming and encouraging. I also got to make lifelong friends and teammates, whom I am truly grateful for. Being able to represent Duke on the women’s golf team along with my teammates was also an irreplaceable experience. I’m so thankful for everyone who has always been supporting me and making my experience even more unforgettable. Thank you.” – Jaravee Boonchant, Women’s Golf


“I am so thankful for these last four years I’ve had as a student-athlete here at Duke. I would like to thank my coaches, teammates, teachers, friends, girlfriend and family for making this journey a once in a lifetime experience. I would not have been able to do this without so many people supporting me and for that I am extremely grateful. Being a member of this program and now graduating from this elite university has been a dream of mine since I was little and is now something I will cherish forever. Thank you to the Duke community and Cameron Crazies for embracing me ever since I stepped foot onto campus. I will truly miss being a student-athlete, but I am so excited for what my future and the future of this program have in store.”Mike Buckmire, Men’s Basketball


“My time here at Duke has been an incredible experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. From forming life-lasting friendships to learning and being guided by some of the brightest intellectuals on the planet, every single second was truly special. I am grateful to all members of the Duke family who aid Duke students in achieving their goals and dreams. Even though my time here flew by like a whirlwind, I will forever know that I am a part of the DukeGang and the Duke family.” Rakavius Chambers, Football


“Whenever I tell people that I’m a Duke student, they are already impressed, but when I also tell them that I’m a varsity athlete at Duke, their jaws drop. I think earning a degree from Duke carries a lot of prestige and will open doors for me in the future. I am forever grateful to Duke for providing me with incredible opportunities to advance not only my career but my personal development as well.” Julia Gianneschi, Fencing

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to get my degree from a school like Duke. Duke is at the top, both academically and athletically, and I’ll always be thankful to Coach Young for giving me the chance to come here. I’ve grown so much as a person and player and I couldn’t be happier with all the memories I’ve made here.” Jameson Kavel, Softball

“Attending Duke has been an incredible experience – I have learned more than I ever dreamed I would, made long-lasting connections I will value forever, and found my strength and character in unique circumstances. I’m not only getting a degree after four years, but also a forever family. Thank you Duke, and go Blue Devils.” – Ema Lazic, Women’s Tennis


“Thank you, Duke. I have loved my time at this University but I can confidently say that I am ready, ready to graduate and ready for what is next because of the individuals I have had the pleasure to meet, learn and grow alongside. Duke has given me a tremendous opportunity to educate myself, and experience things every day that have contributed to the person I am and the person I hope to be, and for that I am forever grateful.” Joey Loperfido, Baseball

“It’s been a great four years. I think I’ve grown a lot over the past four years and I’ve seen the guys in our class grow a lot as well. I think the combination of being at an academically challenging school with such a great lacrosse program challenged us every day and allowed us to excel in all areas of life. It has just been a great experience. There are so many unique and intelligent people who go to Duke so to be among them and get degrees with them and graduate from such a special place means a great deal to me. I’m proud of myself and proud of the work that me and the guys have put in to get that degree. It’s such an amazing place so to be among the people to go into that Duke alumni family is a great feeling.” – Cameron Mulé, Men’s Lacrosse

“Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a collegiate athlete, and I was afraid that, in choosing Duke, I would have to give that up. Walking on to the rowing team was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s been the privilege of a lifetime to be teammates with my heroes. I am so grateful, every day, for the opportunity to pull hard for the people I love. This degree honors all of those who have supported, challenged and inspired me to pursue excellence in all of my endeavors. I am forever humbled to graduate as a part of the Duke student-athlete community. Go Blue Devils!” Caroline Olsen, Rowing


“Receiving the opportunity to swim for Duke has allowed me to find such joy and love through the friendships I have developed over my past four years here. With graduation around the corner, I am cherishing every moment I get to spend with the members of my forever Duke family.” Carly Perri, Swimming & Diving

“Getting a Duke degree is far more than words on paper. Getting a degree from Duke means ending college a better person than I was four years ago. Although the lessons in the classroom were important, it was the lessons taught out of the classroom that shaped me into the person I am today. It was the people around me who strive for excellence in every area that pushed me to be the best version of myself every day. Of course getting a Duke degree is an accomplishment of its own, but I think the biggest accomplishment a Duke degree has provided me is the ability to leave this place knowing I’m a better person because of it.” Libby Thompson, Field Hockey

“I am very grateful that I have earned my degree from the best school in the nation. It means a lot to my family and me. I want to thank them for motivating me and for their support. Go Duke.” Jade Williams, Women’s Basketball

“Four years flew by just like that, but the moments that I’ve spent at Duke will be ones that I will always cherish. During my time here, I was always surrounded by a coaching staff, teammates and friends who looked out for me. Those relationships have made my time here so much more meaningful and enjoyable. People ask me what’s the best decision I’ve ever made, and my answer would be attending Duke University.” Qi wen Wong, Men’s Golf



Duke Graduates

Baseball (14)

Richard Brereton – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Chase Cheek – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Chris Crabtree – Psychology

Chris Davis – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Matt Dockman – Economics & Mathematics

Chris Dutra – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Jay Gamboa – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Wil Hoyle – Visual Media Studies

Joey Loperfido – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Peter Matt – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Erikson Nichols – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Josh Nifong – Political Science; Cultural Anthropology minor

Michael Rothenberg – Political Science; Markets & Management certificate

Coleman Williams – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)


Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field (5)

Christopher Ambrosio – Economics; Psychology minor

Paul Dellinger – Computer Science; Creative Writing minor

Alex Miley – Economics; Philosophy, Politics & Economics and Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificates

Josh Romine – Computer Science; Psychology minor

Michael Ungvarsky – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate


Field Hockey (4)

Lexi Davidson – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Eva Nunnink – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Lily Posternak – Sociology; Visual Arts Minor and Markets & Management certificate

Libby Thompson – Sociology; Spanish minor and Markets & Management certificate


Football (32)

Mark Birmingham – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Josh Blackwell – Public Policy; Psychology minor

Michael Carter II – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate

Rakavius Chambers – Biology

Matthew Cone – Economics and Finance; Classical Civilizations minor

Victor Dimukeje – Evolutionary Anthropology

Jack Driggers – Political Science; Economics minor

Ben Frye – Evolutionary Anthropology; Biology minor

Mark Gilbert – Sociology; Documentary Studies certificate

Noah Gray – Political Science; Markets & Management certificate

Devery Hamilton – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Brandon Hill – Mechanical Engineering; Economics minor and Markets & Management certificate

Gunnar Holmberg – Public Policy; Visual & Media Studies minor and Markets & Management certificate

Jackson Hubbard – Computer Science; Statistics & Economics minors

Marvin Hubbard III – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Myles Hudzick – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Drew Jordan – Evolutionary Anthropology

Chris Katrenick – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Daniel Karlin – Economics; Finance and Classical Civilizations minors

Robert Kraeling – Master of Arts in Teaching (Trinity)

Nate Kyei-Donkor – Master of Management Studies  (Fuqua)

Patrick Leitten – Economics; Markets & Management certificate

Steve Mann – Political Science; Cultural Anthropology minor and Markets & Management certificate

Damond Philyaw-Johnson – Sociology; Education minor

Jacob Rimmer – Evolutionary Anthropology; Markets & Management certificate

Chris Rumph II – Sociology; Cultural Anthropology minor

John Taylor – Computer Science; Music minor

Marquis Waters – Sociology; Education minor and Markets & Management certificate

Tristan Westover – Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology; Chemistry minor

J’Marick Woods – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Aaron Wright – Mechanical Engineering; Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Ben Wyatt – Economics; Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Men’s Basketball (2)

Mike Buckmire – Biology; Chemistry & Psychology minor

Jordan Goldwire – Sociology


Men’s Fencing (6)

Aubrey Caplin – Chemistry; Biology and Environmental Science & Policy minors

Ping Ping Kitsiriboon – Computer Science

Austin Li – Biomedical Engineering; Chemistry minor

San Ha Lim – Computer Science; Asian & Mideast Studies and Economics minor

Brycen Rushing – Mechanical Engineering; Computer Science minor

Ben Stone – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)


Men’s Golf (5)

Steven DiLisio – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Evan Katz – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Adrien Pendaries – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Drew Powell – Political Science; Markets & Management certificate

Qi wen Wong – Psychology; Asian & Mideast Studies and Markets & Management certificate

Men’s Lacrosse (25)

Mike Adler – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Cameron Badour – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

JP Basile – Political Science; Markets & Management certificate

Trey Bender – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate

Matt Chmil – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Jon Coffey – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

JT Giles-Harris – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Terry Lindsay – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Sean Lowrie – Master of Business Administration (Fuqua)

Joey Manown – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Nakeie Montgomery – Political Science; Visual & Media Studies minor and Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Cameron Mulé – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Dan O’Connell – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Kevin Quigley – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Joe Robertson – Political Science; Markets & Management certificate

Phil Robertson – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Walker Scaglione – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Raines Shamburger – Political Science; Environmental Sciences & Policy and Philosophy minors

Kohl Shaffer – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate

Brian Smyth – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Michael Sowers – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Joe Stein – Public Policy

James Sullivan – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Turner Uppgren – Master of Business Administration (Fuqua)

Reilly Walsh – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)


Men’s Soccer (9)

Jack Doran – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Matthias Frick – Political Science; Economics minor and Markets & Management certificate

Kristofer Gardarsson – Sociology

Nicolas Macri Badessich – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Stephen O’Connell – Political Science; Economics minor and Markets & Management certificate

Will Pulisic – Political Science & Psychology; Markets & Management certificate

Michael Reis – Computer Science; Markets & Management certificate

Adrian Vela – IDM: History/Philosophy; Computer Science minor

Daniel Wright – Political Science; History minor

Men’s Swimming & Diving (3)

Nathaniel Hartley – Computer Science; Psychology minor

Spencer LaFata – Public Policy & Psychology

Adam Zimmer – Psychology; Chemistry minor

Men’s Tennis (1)

Sean Sculley – Psychology; Markets & Management certificate

Men’s Track & Field (9)

Connor Atkinson – Master of Business Administration (Fuqua)

Ben Beatty – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Liam Kahn – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Kiegan Lenihan – Mechanical Engineering Masters

Harry Lord – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Miles Mingo – Evolutionary Anthropology

Sean Rafique – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Alex Schwedt – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua) & Management Science and Technology

Jacob Sobota – Economics; Markets & Management certificate

Rowing (16)

Maya Blake – History & Global Health

Caitlyn Carlisle – Computer Science; Global Health minor

Lee Ann Cunningham – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Sydney Cikovic – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate

Tara Fagan – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Grace Garverick – Public Policy & Sociology; Political Science minor

Savannah Herbek – Biology & Spanish

Sarah Hubner – Political Science & Global Health; Markets & Management certificate

Olivia Hunt – Political Science; Global Health minor

Kylie Jordan – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Reed Kenny – Public Policy & Global Health

Anne Klok – Political Science & Philosophy

Ema Kuczura – Public Policy & Global Health

Laura Navarrete – Evolutionary Anthropology

Caroline Olsen – Interdepartmental-Neuroscience/PPS; Creative Writing minor and Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Kiernan Spencer – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)


Softball (10)

Sydney Bolan – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Brianna Butler – Computer Science; Psychology minor

Rachel Crabtree – Psychology; Education minor and Markets & Management certificate

Jameson Kavel – Political Science & Psychology; Markets & Management certificate

Kendyl Lange – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Makenna Lutterloh – Psychology & Global Health; Markets & Management certificate

Jazmine Moreno – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Dominique Salinas – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Peyton St. George – Psychology; Sociology minor and Markets & Management certificate

Raine Wilson – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)


Volleyball (4)

Summer Brown – Psychology

Franky Harrison – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Payton Schwantz – Biology

Kincey Smith – Psychology; Markets & Management certificate


Women’s Basketball (4)

Sara Anastasieska – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Jayda Adams – Psychology; Markets & Management certificate

Mikayla Boykin – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Jade Williams – Psychology; Markets & Management certificate


Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field (4)

Amanda Beach – Biology; Psychology minor

Sara Platek – Public Policy; Psychology minor & Child Policy Research certificate

Michaela Reinhart – IDM: Chemistry & Public Policy

Helen Williams – IDM: Public Policy & Biology; Global Health minor


Women’s Fencing (3)

Julia Gianneschi – Psychology; Spanish minor and Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate

Maria Papadopoulos – Environmental Science/Policy & Biology; Italian Studies minor

Gabrielle Zegers – Cultural Anthropology; Global Health minor


Women’s Golf (2)

Jaravee Boonchant – Statistical Science; Asian & Mideast Studies minor

Hannah O’Sullivan – Economics; Markets & Management certificate


Women’s Lacrosse (13)

Catriona Barry – Public Policy; Economics minor

Catherine Cordrey – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Katie Cosgrove – Public Policy; History minor and Markets & Management certificate

Katie Cronin – Public Policy; Political Science minor and Markets & Management certificate

Sam DeBellis – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Madison Dunk – Psychology; Chemistry and Asian Middle Eastern Studies minor

Chase Henriquez – History & English

Callie Humphrey – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Natalie Kahn – History; Environmental Studies minor

Abby Landry – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate

Mary Markwordt – Public Policy; Markets & Management certificate

Gabby Rosenzweig – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Gigi Vasile – Psychology; Evolutionary Anthropology minor


Women’s Soccer (7)

Tess Boade – International Comparative Studies; Chemistry minor

Caitlin Cosme – Psychology; Chemistry minor and Markets & Management certificate

Taylor Mitchell – Evolutionary Anthropology & Psychology; Chemistry minor

Lily Nabet – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Karlie Paschall – Psychology; Markets & Management certificate

Remi Swartz – Psychology; Spanish Studies minor and Markets & Management certificate

Natasha Turner – Psychology; Neuroscience minor and Markets & Management certificate

Women’s Swimming & Diving (6)

Mia Bullock – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Connie Dean – Psychology; Biology & Chemistry minors

Halle Morris – Sociology; History minor and Markets & Management certificate

Carly Perri – International Comparative Studies & Cultural Anthropology; Psychology minor

Quinn Scannell – Psychology; Economics minor and Markets & Management certificate

Ellie Winslow – Public Policy; Political Science & Spanish minors


Women’s Tennis (3)

Meible Chi – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Ema Lazic – Public Policy; Sociology minor and Markets & Management certificate

Hannah Zhao – Evolutionary Anthropology; Biology minor


Women’s Track & Field (9)

Rivka Arbiv – Biomedical Engineering 

Brittany Aveni – Evolutionary Anthropology; Chemistry and Biology minors

Lauren Hoffman – Evolutionary Anthropology; Cultural Anthropology minor

Kate Kutzer – Biology; Cultural Anthropology & Chemistry minors

Danielle Okonta – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua) and Management & Science Technology

Ashleigh Rodriguez – Biology; Chemistry & Evolutionary Anthropology minors

Cha’Mia Rothwell – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Iman Sule – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)

Julia Valenti – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)


Wrestling (7)

Benjamin Anderson – Psychology

Harrison Campbell – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Eric Carter – Sociology; Earth & Ocean Sciences minor & Markets & Management certificate

Louis “LJ” Castellano – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Matt Finesilver – Sociology; Markets & Management certificate

Ben Frye – Evolutionary Anthropology; Biology minor

Jimmy Stillerman – Master of Management Studies (Fuqua)