The 10 Best MCU References In Disney’s Avengers Campus

Capitalizing on the continued success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney California Adventure has opened the new Avengers Campus, an immersive Marvel-themed land that expands the heroes’ presence at the Disneyland Resort. Like Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! the land is set in its own Marvel theme park universe, influenced by the events of the movies but free to take the stories and characters in different directions.

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Beyond the big, obvious connections to the MCU, such as the Spider-Man-themed attraction, Quinjet decoration, Doctor Strange show, character meet and greets, and Pym Particles-themed restaurant, there are also many great, smaller details in the land that reference the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

10 Arc Reactor

Disneyland Avengers Campus

As theme park guests enter Avengers Campus, they are greeted by a distinct pattern of markings and lights in the form of Tony Stark’s famous arc reactor, which he used to power his Iron Man suit and keep the shrapnel out of his heart.

Not only is the marking a visually intriguing first impression of the land, but it is also a fitting tribute to the character that launched the MCU. It only makes sense that guest’s experience in Avengers Campus would start with a reference to Iron Man.

9 Hulk Tree

Hulk roaring out in anger.

The power of gamma radiation is on full display at Avengers Campus in a clever reference to the incredible Hulk. Above an exterior spigot is a warning that indicates the spout drains gamma radiation. By the spigot is a tree that has apparently been exposed to gamma radiation and has grown to a massive size compared to the other trees around it.

Disney often uses genius visual gags such as this one into the themed lands and this reference is a fun and silly way to incorporate the Hulk into Avengers Campus.

8 Cell Phone Menus

Scott finds that Ant-Man costume in Scott’s basement In Ant-Man

Fans will find a fun reference to Ant-Man and the Wasp appropriately located outside of Pym Test Kitchen. In keeping with the restaurant’s theme of size manipulation, the digital menus are actually oversized cell phones of Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne. Guests can watch as the duo receive text messages from the other Avengers.

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This reference is a fun treat for fans and a great example of Disney’s attention to detail. The menu boards could easily have just been large digital screens, but the creativity adds a little extra magic to the experience and helps immerse guests into the setting of Avengers Campus.

7 Damage Control

Adding to the set decoration of Avengers Campus are high-tech-looking crates spread throughout the land. The branding on these crates indicates that they belong to the Department of Damage Control, the government clean-up crew established by Tony Stark.

Considering Tony Stark’s history with and influence on Avengers Campus, it makes sense that the organization he helped to create would assist in maintaining the land. Additionally, Damage Control indirectly played a big part in creating the Vulture, Spider-Man’s first solo villain in the MCU, so it is fitting that they would have a presence near the Spider-Man-themed attraction.

6 Agent Carter

Because Avengers Campus is built on old Stark Industries and Strategic Scientific Reserve land, there are several references to the SSR around the campus. In addition to the SSR logo, guests can also find reserved parking spots for Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and Jarvis.

These references are great world-building easter eggs that expand the backstory of the land. Fans are sure to enjoy seeing Avengers Campus pay tribute to the early Marvel heroes, especially since Peggy Carter is one of the best characters in the Captain America trilogy.

5 White Board

Avengers Campus Disney Spider-Man Spider-Bot

As guests make their way through the open house at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, the queue for Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, they will notice whiteboards spread throughout the attraction. A closer look at the writing on these boards will reveal references to Vibranium, Pym, Doctor Strange, and more.

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The queue is filled with great Marvel references but these easter eggs are not just fun references, they reveal the difficulties of scientific research in a world where magic exists. The whiteboards tell the story of Peter Parker’s journey to reconcile science and magic.

4 Lucky Dog

Hawkeye Lucky Pizza Dog set photo

Inside Avengers Campus, guests can spot several signs throughout the land advertising Lucky Dog’s Pizza. While MCU fans have not yet been introduced to Hawkeye’s dog, Lucky, he is set to make his debut in the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+.

For now, Lucky the Pizza Dog is something that only comic book fans know about Hawkeye, but the cute canine is sure to be a scene-stealer in the show. This reference is a fun tease that sets up the arrival of a fan-favorite comic book character.

3 Harley Keener

The queue for Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure is filled with great references and one of the best has to be the display that shows the members of WEB, one of whom is Harley Keener, the kid who Tony Stark befriended in Iron Man 3.

This reference is sure to hit hard for fans who consider Harley to be one of the best characters in the Iron Man trilogy and were excited to see him return in Avengers: Endgame, as it confirms that he is following in Tony Stark’s footsteps and continuing his legacy.

2 Pingo Doce

Pingo Doce on a factory assembly line

Pingo Doce is a colorful soda that has appeared in several MCU movies, most memorably as the drink that gave away Bruce Banner’s location to General Ross. Now, thanks to Avengers Campus, fans can finally taste Pingo Doce at Pym Test Kitchen and even order an oversized souvenir can of the soda.

Offering the lemon-lime drink is yet another way that Disney is able to fully immerse guests in an MCU experience at Avengers Campus, giving them the opportunity to partake in a recognizable drink from the movies.

1 Shawarma Palace


Audiences who sat through the credits of The Avengers saw the heroes celebrate their victory in the Battle of New York by eating together at the Shawarma Palace. Fans can now try the shawarma for themselves by ordering from the Shawarma Palace food cart at Avengers Campus.

Additionally, the cart also features newspaper and magazine clippings that reference other notable characters and events in the MCU. The food cart is the perfect way to provide guests with a fast dining option while also giving them a chance to recreate one of the MCU’s best post-credits scenes

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