WashU school search to advance scholarship on legacies of racial violence | The Resource

In an exertion to advance research and coverage addressing legacies of racial violence, three Washington College college associates — David Cunningham, Hedwig Lee and Geoff Ward — have co-edited a particular concern of The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

The cover picture depicts the previous St. Louis City Jail, when located at the intersection of Sixth and Chestnut streets. In 1836, a free black man named Francis McIntosh was abducted from the jail by a white mob and lynched a block away.

Titled “Legacies of Racial Violence: Clarifying and Addressing the Existence of the Previous,” the challenge builds on a expanding physique of investigate into how histories of racialized violence in the United States relate to contemporary conflicts and inequities. 

A most important goal with the volume was to persuade extra expansive disciplinary engagement by bringing insights of scholars from the social sciences, humanities, wellness sciences and other fields with each other in 1 volume. Contributors include demographers, economists, epidemiologists, historians, molecular and biological anthropologists, political experts and sociologists.

“If there is a ‘settled science’ about legacies of racial violence, it is that our violent nationwide record remains pertinent to contemporary social relations and results,” publish Cunningham, Lee and Ward in the volume’s introduction. “Taken collectively, contributions to this quantity existing a combined methodological evaluation of crucial factors in the measurement and examination of how legacies of historic racial violence manifest, are sustained, and could possibly be dealt with.”

Established in 1889, the American Academy of Political and Social Science aims to synthesize and progress analysis that addresses social worries. Cunningham is professor and chair of sociology in Arts & Sciences. Lee is professor of sociology and co-director of the Middle for the Research of Race, Ethnicity & Equity. Ward is professor of African and African-American research as nicely as affiliate college in sociology and in American lifestyle experiments, all in Arts & Sciences.

Help for this collaboration was delivered by WashU’s Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Federal government, and Public Policy. The job also dovetails with the recently announced WashU & Slavery Challenge, based mostly in CRE2 and led by Ward, which is performing to make a sustained exploration, instructing and engagement exertion that will also deepen comprehending of, and remedial responses to, legacies of racial violence.

For far more facts, take a look at aapss.org.